Newsletter Proof run December 23
Dear customers and breeding enthusiasts

With the December breeding value estimation, 2023 has one last highlight for BULLSEYE GENETICS.

The breeding value estimation has delivered some interesting results in both the German and the American systems.

In the RZG segment, BJ BALANS continues to impress with outstanding 159 RZG points and an alternative bloodline. He is closely followed by our popular bulls KEEPER (RZG 158) and LAPALOMA(157), who can both confirm their breeding values.

WILLIAM and OUTTAKE should also be mentioned positively due to their breeding value increases. WILLIAM, whose first daughters will calve in the course of spring and whose young cattle are currently convincing at numerous young cattle shows, was able to improve by 2 RZG points to 151 RZG.
OUTTAKE, who shines with high breeding values in numerous European systems (#11 in Poland 166 PF), was also able to improve by 2 RZG points to 153 RZG in his home market.

In the TPI area we are pleased that MAN-CITY was able to further improve his excellent TPI level to now 3088 TPI points (1021 NM$), he combines his high breeding value with a faultless linear and outstanding udder breeding value. He is available without any restrictions.
With MIRAK, our next hot TPI bull is in the starting blocks, he was also able to increase his breeding values once again and just missed the 3000 TPI mark (2998 TPI 956 NM$).

NH SKYLINER (RZG 162 RZ€ 2672) was able to maintain his place at the top of the RZG top list in the red and white sector, he convinces with his enormous production (+2902 MKg) in combination with a modern linear profile and excellent health traits.
With DANGER RED we have a red and white newcomer who ranks directly behind NH SKYLINER with an RZG of 160. DANGER RED has a modern, complete breeding value profile and is therefore intended for widespread use.

My GOLDAPPLE is our star in the type segment, his Excellent rated Olympian dam is the sister to none other than Erbacres Snapples SHAKIRA EX97 (Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo & Royal Winter Fair 2023). GOLDAPPLE himself convinces with outstanding breeding values for feet & legs and udder, as well as with consistently positive health traits. He his backed by 9. Generation excellent cows.
NEW at BULLSEYE GENETICS with JATTA PP the first Jersey bull on offer. The homozygous polled bull starts his very promising numbers his insemination career (+87 JPI, +1.51 PTAT and +21.1 JUI).

In addition, we have HABILLE, a progeny-tested Belgian Blue bull NEW on offer who can score with extremely good calving ease breeding values.
Our range is rounded off by our high-quality FLECKVIEH/SIMMENTAL offer and a wide range of BEEF breeds.

Torben Melbaum & Erik Büscherhoff

Danger Red