August 23 Index run - #1 bull worldwide Skyliner-Red
Bullseye Genetics holds the #1 R&W bull in the breed!

With Skyliner-Red the world's #1 bull in the R&W Holstein breed is owned by Bullseye Genetics. Skyliner Red impresses with an outstanding production(+2908kg) paired with excellent health traits (126 RZN, 121 RZS, 107 RZR, 106 RZD). The first offspring of Skyliner Red have already been genotyped and also stand out with excellent breeding values. Skyliner-Red is the sire of the No.1 RZG tested female in the world.

The new bulls also impress with very good breeding values. From now on the bull Keeper (158 RZG) and the bull Lapaloma (157 RZG) are available. Bullseye Genetics also has new bulls available on an American basis (gTPI). On the one hand the bull Man-City (3080 gTPI) is available. The AltaAlonzo son out of a Batman dam is considered an outcross bull with an outstanding bull father level. On the other hand the bull Mirak is added to the lineup. He is a Mahomes son from the well-known breeding cow Pursuit-Maudie which has sons at the most famous breeding organizations worldwide. With its balanced profile and good breeding values in several systems he is a great addition to the Bullseye lineup.

With GPS-PP a new homozygous polledbull comes into the offer which convinces with 141 RZG in Germany as well as with over 2700 gTPI.

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Skyliner-Red, Nr.1 RZG bull in the world