About us

Bullseye-Genetics GmbH is formed by the partners STg Germany GmbH, Nici Nosbisch, and Torben Melbaum.

Torben Melbaum bullseye genetics

Torben Melbaum

Torben Melbaum has been a familiar face in the Holstein scene for years. He is a pedigree reader and jury member at many top-quality genetics auctions and cattle shows. After finishing his studies, he gained valuable experience working for a large German breeding company. As a successful Holstein breeder he presents the current German Grand Champion cow Loh TJ Alessja EX-92, and keeps high-class bulls at different semen collection centres. At Bullseye-Genetics GmbH, he is the managing director and main contact person.

Nici Nosbisch

Nici Nosbisch operates a farm with 120 dairy cows and their progeny in Rhineland-Palatinate together with his family. He also owns the cattle trading company European Livestock Service. Since 2014 he has been responsible for organising the annual German Masters Sales, and has acted as an auctioneer at sales events throughout Europe.

nici nosbisch bullseye genetics
brigitta brentrup bullseye genetics

STg Germany - Birgitta Brentrup and Dr. Hubertus Diers

For many years, STg Germany has been importing cattle semen of the breeds Holstein, Red Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss and several beef cattle breeds, marketing them in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. STg Germany operates with a team of 30 employees. Managing directors are Birgitta Brentrup and Dr. Hubertus Diers.

dr. hubertus diers bullseye genetics