Bullseye Genetics

Your poweful partner
in genetics for dairy farming

As the largest private breeding company in Germany, we are your competent partner for cattle breeding and genetics. High-class, flawless and suitable for every breeding philosophy.

Benefits and services

Bullseye-Genetics GmbH exports semen to different countries. We also pursue our own breeding program to produce bulls that are marketed both in Germany and abroad.

As partners at Bullseye-Genetics GmbH, we are all avid cattle breeders in our own right. We aim to distribute semen of premium quality bulls by German and international breeders, as well as our own breeding stock, via the marketing system of STg Germany.

We are also seeking access to markets abroad.STg Germany is the national distribution partner of Bullseye-Genetics GmbH. See their products on: Prismagen.de

We are currently in the process of developing our international reach and are looking for distributors in different countries. Our product range includes semen of breeds like Holstein, Red Holstein, Fleckvieh, and various beef cattle breeds.

bullseye-genetics ETG SummerWine Styx-Red
Mutter ETG SummerWine VG-86


#1 Bull Germany! – 164 RZG – Rotbunt

Soon Germanys highest Gywer-Son will be available. It comes from the well-known Styx-Daughter ETG SummerWine VG-86.

Further generations are:

  • ETG Brekem Security EX-91
  • VG-85 Maximum
  • VG-87 Jeeves

He convices with perfect calving properties and phenomenal breeding values for all important traits:

  • 131 RZE
  • 131 RZN
  • 122 RZS
  • 121 RZR

About us

Bullseye-Genetics GmbH is formed by the partners STg Germany GmbH, Nici Nosbisch, and Torben Melbaum.